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Doctor Asa, The Ringside Physician, is the hottest rising star in professional wrestling.

Known as The People’s Doctor®, Doctor Asa®, America’s Health Coach, MD®, is the hottest rising star and now making his rounds in the world of professional wrestling. The worlds leading 3-Time Physician and#1 health talk show host in America with an audience of 300 million is stepping out of the hospitals and studios, and into the squared circle.

Originally trained by the Legendary WWE Hall of Famer The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, the WCW Power Plant, WWE Legend Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, and The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff, Doctor Asa has returned to his original clinic between the ropes with the help of WWE Legend Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, former WWE Superstar Al Snow, and recently graduated The Nightmare Factory continuing the legacy of training with The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall.

Always believe, say your prayers, and take your vitamins, Doctor Asa Is In The House.

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